Old Mauchline by Ian Lyell


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  • by Ian Lyell
  • Published by Stenlake Publishing Ltd, Catrine.

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Of Celtic origin, the name Mauchline literally means a place of water, deriving from magh – grass or field – and lyn – water or stream.  The earliest sign of civilisation in the area is the Neolithic or Bronze Age cup and ring marked rock near Ballochmyle Bridge, two kilometres from Mauchline.  It has been suggested that the long straight stretch of modern road to the north of Mauchline follows the course of a Roman one, but while excavations have revealed traces of earlier roads, a Roman date has not been confirmed.  It is known that in 787 an army of Cruthni (or Cruthin), invaders from Ireland, was defeated by local people on a moor near Mauchline, possibly the site of the cemetery on Barskimming Road…………….



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