* Miniature Curling Stones – Ailsa Craig Granite *


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Common Green Miniature Curling Stones are available in 75mm diameter.  These have been a particular favourite over the years as it is a wee bit of Scotland to keep forever!


Now widely recognised as the finest available Kays Curling Stones have been used in all Olympic events since 1924.  Produced in the same factory in Mauchline and fashioned from Ailsa Craig Granite, this product is crafted with the same commitment to quality.

Ailsa Craig is a small island 10 miles off the West Coast of Scotland.

The Island is famous as it provides the granite for the best curling stones in the world.  Curling stones are made of two granites.

The body of the stone is Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite and the running surface is Ailsa Craig Blue Hone Granite.

Kays Curling have exclusive rights to harvest granite from the island.

Once every 10 years we go to the Island and remove sufficient granite to make curling stones and hand crafted quality jewellery!’

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75mm, 90mm, 45mm


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