Lilias Conroy Coaster


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Coasters – our current stock selection is:

  • AM Brown Institute, Catrine
  • Barr Castle, Galston
  • Fairburn Hotel, Mauchline
  • Gavin Hamilton Building, Mauchline
  • Stair Inn
  • Burns Museum, Mauchline
  • Failford
  • Loudoun Hill
  • Baird Institute, Cumnock
  • Kilmaurs
  • Brig O’Doon, Alloway
  • Bachelors Club, Tarbolton
  • Auchinleck House, Ochiltree
  • Dunure
  • Portencross Harbour
  • Mossgiel Farm, Mauchline
  • Auld Kirk, Alloway


Lilias Conroy has had great success at her Many Thanks Art Exhibitions.  Her original paintings are on silk and thereafter are produced onto Large and Small Prints, Coasters, Mugs, Cards, Keyrings and Magnets.

It is amazing to watch her paint and she has done at Many Thanks too.


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The Cross, Mauchline, Barr Castle, Galston, Gavin Hamilton, Mauchline, Loudoun Hill, Failford, Bachelors Club, Tarbolton, AM Brown Institute,Catrine, Fairburn Hotel, Mauchline, Burns Museum, Mauchline, Kilmaurs, Baird Institute, Cumnock, Brig O'Doon, Alloway, Auchinleck House, Ochiltree, Alloway Auld Kirk, Mossgiel Farm, Mauchline, Portencross Harbour and Castle, Stair Inn


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